Rock Gap Design is a home based company that will provide high quality Quilting and Embroidery service to its clients. Rock Gap Design began operations on a limited bases as of January 1, 2015.

Rock Gap Design will provide full quilting services from concept design to complete finish product. The main mission is to take clients quilt tops, no matter what stage it is in, and create a finished treasured quilt. We can help you design a quilt, we can help make the quilt top, we can custom quilt custom using meandering edge to edge designs, and we can bind and finish your quilt.

Rock Gap Design will provide embroidery services for its clients. Custom made design sewn on material supplied by its client or purchased from Rock Gap Design.

Many times these two services are really one. Yes you CAN have your quilt custom embroidery. This is a true personalize keepsake quilt.