Quilt Preparation Check List

This is a guide to assist you in preparing your Quilt Top, batten, and backing. If you follow these steps, you will have and end-up with great quilt and quilting experience.

  • (Optional) It will help if you will email / send pics of what you are going to be sending me.
  • Quilt top should be trimmed down to final finished size.
  • Square your quilt top, press your seams flat, and trim clumps and long unraveled threads. Know that dark threads will show through white fabric and look like unsightly varicose veins on your quilt. Squaring does mean 90 degree corners.
  • If your quilt does not have an outside border, I highly recommend that you “stay Stitch” slightly less than ¼” around the edge of your entire quilt to ensure the seams do not pull apart. This stitching will be hidden once your binding is attached to the quilt.
  • If your borders do not lay flat, fix them before you send them to me. They must lay flat to make a nice quilted product. If you need suggestions, just call.
  • Remove all pins, buttons, charms, sequins, couching, and any other embellishments from your quilt top. The jumping foot on the longarm machine only has the clearance of a nickel.
  • Identify the top of your quilt and top and face-side of the backing fabric with a safety pin and a note attached.
  • Backing fabric must be 5 inches larger then quilt top on all sides. In order for the machine head to reach the absolute edge of your quilt top. Backing fabric must be squared and lay flat.
  • If you are sending batten it must be 5 inches larger then quilt top on all sides. Of course if you are wanting Rock Gap Design to supply the batten, I will take care of this.
  • Trim all loose threads on the top and underside of your quilt top and backing. Loose threads get caught in the quilting process and the results are not pretty.
  • Press your quilt top and backing fabric with seams open or to one side.
  • I recommend you ship your quilt parts by USPS using the FLAT RATE PRIORITY boxes. These boxes are free at any US Post Office. I use  Priority Mail Box 7 to return your quilts 99% of the time (12 in x 12 in x 8 in). These also work well if you are sending me batting with your quilt.
  • Wrap your items in plastic of some sort to protect them in case the package gets torn. Err on the side of caution!! I always do.

Ship your package to:

Rock Gap Design
6704 Caribou Drive
Arlington, TX 76002

Please send me by email the tracking number so I can keep an eye out for your package.

Once I receive your shipment, I will immediately send you an email to let you know your quilt arrived safely.