The pricing for quilting services generally breaks down as follows:


Setup fee is $10.00. What is this fee? Well your quilt top just does not jump out of its shipping box straight on the frame all by itself. The backing needs to be pressed (get out the fold lines due to shipping) and loaded to the frame. The batting needs to be sized and loaded to the frame. The top may need to be pressed and loaded to the frame. And before all that the machine needs to be tested with your thread choice. The tension setting is very important. Basting stiches will be used to keep everything straight and lined up.


Most of the patterns that are listed on the site are free for your choosing. There are some patterns that a fee is applied. This is due to the fact I have to purchase that pattern for use. Other things what can effect a pattern charge is the density at which you which to use.


The cost of a single thread is covered in the longarm quilting process. However, some would like to have (for example) the border to have a different color. This would be a thread change and changing the machine tension setting. I charge $7.00 for each color change of thread.

Longarm Quilting Process:

Edge-to-Edge quilting is 0.016 cents per sq in. To get the square inches of your quilt top simply measure the length then the width and multiply those two numbers. Then multiply that number by 0.016 and that is the longarm quilting price.

Custom quilting, which is different patterns on the different parts of your top will be more.

Edge-to-Edge quilting with different border pattern also would be more.


If you supply the batting, then this cost is of course is $0.00.

If you wish for Rock Gap to supply the batting, then this cost is whatever I get it for. I like to use Quilter’s Dream Batting. I will post those prices as soon as I nail down a deal with Quilter’s Dream.


Couple of choices here, first just remove from frame and ship. This is of course $0.00.

Second You want us to trim to ½ of the quilt top. This is at a cost of $0.00.

Lastly, you have supplied binding material, I cut to 2.5 inch strips and sewn by machine to the top side of the quilt (of course the quilt is trimmed to the edge of the quilt). This would be a cost of $0.13 per linear inch. To get that measure all 4 sides of the quilt top and add them together. Multiply that number by 0.13 and that is your cost.

NOTE: I do NOT do scalloped edges. I will trim to ½ inch of the edge but I will NOT sew binding on the scalloped edge.


Generally I use USPS Priority with Free Delivery Confirmation $17.90 (Priority Mail Box – 7 which is12" x 12" x 8"). I can do UPS or Fedex if you wish. Whatever the shipping cost are for them is what I charge.

Keep In Mind:

I reserve the right to reuse service for any reason what so ever. Exceptions to this are race, religion, gender, national origin, and disability/perceived disability. Now why did I just say all that? Can you think that I open a box with your quilt top in it; the edges have not be straighten, seams through-out the quilt are falling apart, there are loose threads everywhere, etc (you get the idea). Basically the quilt prep has not been followed. I will close that box back up and send it back to you.