I am glad to introduce you to our glamour world of quilting! How fun is that?  My partner Larry, a project manager with great engineering skills brings to the table his modern approach to quilting. The inspiration led the both of us to start Rock Gap Designs, a website promoting the art of quilting history while catering to the public with our wonderfully made quilts made in our workshop.

I enjoy sharing southwestern sophisticated designs and styles of Native Americans. I just love adding accents primarily introduced by traditional Native American quilters. They appreciated earth tones, pastel colors fabrics that describe the southwest.  However, Larry has an eye for Texas. His designs and styles recreate part of quilting history, his work given in directions own up to their histories.  

Quilting was significantly important in everyday life of domestic training given to young girls in Texas but today it has passed down to both men and women so that they can carry  down the practice and the skill with pride passionately.  We bring you the culture of quilting in modern day styles and designs gorgeously imagined.  I hope you enjoy.

Kee & Larry